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On February 22, 2002 a public hearing was held at the Pickaway County Court House in the Probate Court. Judge Jan Michael Long presided over the hearing and finding no objections established the Park District.

          His finding was that the creation of a Park District would enhance the orderly growth and development of Pickaway County.  It would benefit the citizens of Pickaway County in preservation of green space, development of recreational activities and promote healthy lifestyles. It would facilitate the preservation of historical and cultural history of the County and serve as a means of pursuing grants and endowments for the purpose of maintaining and operating park land and facilities for the benefit of citizens of Pickaway County, Ohio.

          The first three commissioners appointed to serve were Ken Temple, Marcia Hall and Paul Pence. In January of 2003 Paul Pence resigned and Kenneth Speakman was appointed for a 3 year term.

          In April of 2005 the Park Commissioners passed a resolution to expand the board from 3 to 5 commissioners in accordance with Ohio house bill 367. The two new commissioners appointed by the court were Charles Babb and Peter Hartinger. Marsha Hall finished her 3 year term on December 31, 2005 and Marty Delamatre was appointed for a 3 year term to replace Marsha Hall.

          January 1, 2005 the five commissioners serving on the board were: Ken Temple, Kenneth Speakman, Charles Babb, Peter Hartinger, and Marty Delamatre. Bill Weldon was still serving as treasurer; a position he held since 2002.  Webmaster for the district website continues to be serviced by Michael W. Moore of Ashville, Ohio.

          In November of 2006 the Park District signed a lease management agreement with the State of Ohio, Division of Land Management to lease all canal land owned by the state in Pickaway County for a period of 15 years.  The Park District also has the option to extend the lease 15 years.

            On May 2, 2009, the park board dedicated two miles, the first leg of the Pickaway Trail purchased with matching funds from the Pickaway County Commissioners and the Community Foundation. The final 16 miles were purchased through a Clean Ohio Grant.

Other Pickaway County Park involvements include these Parks and Trails:

          Martha Hitler Park: Partnered with Washington Township Trustees to provide ODOT funds for paved parking lot at this park. Improvements continued with a fence and walking path. Eagle Scouts have constructed a shelter house for this park in 2013 and it now has a 9 hole disc golf course completed via an eagle scout project.

          Logan Elm Memorial Park: Worked with Friends of Logan Elm Park and Logan Elm High School to celebrate 100th anniversary of that recreational facility. Board is currently contracting with the Ohio Historical Society to care for Logan Elm Memorial Park.

          Roundtown Trail: In 2013, Ohio Christian University, YMCA and Circleville Schools have received a grant from ODOT through the Park Board for the Roundtown Trail which connects all three institutions.  The trail was completed in 2017.

          On December 29, 2016, the Pickaway County Historical Society graciously transferred ownership of Canal Park to Pickaway County Park District.