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Visitor’s Bureau See us on Facebook PCPD board meets with Commissioners See Circleville Herald Article 04/30/2014 PCPD News Archives Past News To past news page… In process of updating… The Park District, working with Wolfe Construction, has cleared a large section of the Pickaway Trail from St Rt. 104 to Lick Run.  Images of the progress that has been made so far can be seen HERE. Pickaway Trail Kiosk Repair After a few years the Kiosk for Pickaway Trail had rotted and fallen down.  It was repaired in October 2014 by Tom Davis,  Marshall Fields and Michael Moore.  Photos below: A new sign was installed at the time of repair Kiosk repair completed. The old kiosk laying on the ground Watch your backs when lifting the kiosk to install. PICKAWAY COUNTY PARK BOARD NEWS RELEASE - OCTOBER 2014