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Section 1:  See a drone video of Towpath Trail where it begins at Canal Park and heads toward the Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley Railroad/canal crossing.

Section 2:  See drone video of Towpath Trail near and south of the old
Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley Railroad crossing..

Section 3:  See drone video of the southern section of Towpath Trail

Towpath Trail Aerial Video

The above map shows the Towpath Trail in blue going south along the old canal and the Pickaway Trail in red.  

The transparent yellow circular areas designate where sections (numbered) of the Towpath Trail has had aerial video taken.  The links below in yellow will take you to YouTube.com to view each section.

Section 3:  See drone video of the southern section of Towpath Trail and the Scioto River taken at the time of the February 2018 flood showing the levels when the river peaked .

These photos are of Towpath Trail that is owned and cared for by the Pickaway County
Historical and Genealogical Society.  Named in remembrance of the horses and mules towing
the boats along the Ohio-Erie Canal back in the 1800s, these photos are basically in order
starting at Canal Park at the top of the feeder dam and go south along a ridge and eventually
ends up going along the canal with photos of the scenery seen along the way.  It’s hard not to
wonder what it was like back in the 1800s as the boats made their way with their supplies.
There is a short trail that heads eastward to where the old railroad abutments once supported
the train tracks crossing the Scioto River.  Getting headed back south again will pass by the
Pickaway Trail, a rails-to-trails endeavor, that intersects and heads west.  The trail continues
further on south taking folks by the Shelly Materials quarry and lake, followed by more
farmland and a wetland area.
The trail ends up running through a beautiful stretch of trail between both the Scioto River and
the old Ohio-Erie Canal where places on the trail narrow with the river and canal being about
20 or 25 feet apart.  
The photos were taken at different times of the year and we hope to have some spring and
summer photos added later.  We hope you enjoy the photos.  
Click HERE for a Google map birds-eye overview of the trail.