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Join us for Experience Earth Camp July 21st and 22nd!!

The Park District is partnering with Pickaway Soil and Water and the RPHF Solid Waste District to provide all Pickaway County 4th and 5th graders the opportunity to explore the wonders of the natural world with archery, games, hikes, fishing and so much more!

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2020 Events Calendar

Program with an * next to it have been made virtual and can been see by visiting our YouTube Channel

All programs for the remainder of the year are by reservation only. Please contact [email protected] to reserve your spot.

Day Hiking 101

Earth Day Celebration

Amphibians *

Foraging – Wild  Foods and Herbs *

Bird Blitz

Fabulous 50 Walks

Walk on the Wildflower Side *

Life in Deer Creek *

Dragonflies, Damselflies and Butterflies Oh My! *

Star Gazing – Constellations

Night Hike – All About Bats

Migrating Birds

Learn More about Composting!


We are sorry to share that due to restrictions and low attendance we have cancelled the composting workshop.

New Park Board Commissioner’s Join in 2020

The Pickaway County Park District is excited to welcome Gregory D. Bigam and Susan R. Metzger as our newest Pickaway County Park Board of Commissioners! 

Susan Radachi Metzger  

Susan Metzger has always enjoyed the people and community, since moving to Pickaway county with her husband and sons in 1994, working in areas of education, particularly agriculture. She is the Project Coordinator for the Pickaway County Community Foundation since February, 2019. The administrative aspect with the Foundation allows her to interact with the public, donors, volunteers, and community organizations providing general information about the Foundation and how philanthropy and people can make a difference in our communities and county. Susan works with the Executive Director, Board of Directors, and the Pickaway Competitive Network Advisory Committees, providing staff support in organizing, arranging, marketing and conducting special events. Susan is also one of the Youth Advisory Council Advisors assisting with teaching students from the four county schools about philanthropy, how it can make a difference in their community, and coordinating philanthropic events for the students to participate in. 

A two-time graduate from The Ohio State University, College of Food, Agriculture & Environmental Sciences, Susan is also an Adjunct Plant and Biology Professor at Ohio University – Lancaster teaching students how agriculture has played a significant role in developing our civilizations. 

Her passions beside her career include her family, gardening, being an active member of St. Joseph’s Catholic church and definitely cheering for the Ohio State University Buckeye football team and Cleveland Indians. 


Gregory D. Bigam 

Gregory Bigam is a lifelong resident of Pickaway County and a Graduate of Westfall High School. Gregory previously worked as a clerk/administrator for the Pickaway County Board of Commissioners and has assisted with many federal grants, including using CDBG funds to begin Barthelmas Park. More recently Gregory was the Executive Director for the Pickaway Metropolitan Housing Authority. Gregory is now retired, but still enjoys sports broadcasting, which he has done part time for 45 years. He also enjoys his five grandchildren and their activities. Gregory believes It is an exciting time to join the Pickaway County Park Board. He looks forward to carrying on the great work that has been accomplished as well as the exciting future plans for the residents of Pickaway County.” 


2019 Year In Review

The District is proud to share our accomplishments from 2019! Click HERE to read more about what the District has done this past year and is planning on for 2020!


Promises Made, Promises Kept- 2019 Park and Trail Grant Recipients

This year the Park District is holding true to our promises to help fund improvements at local parks and trails in Pickaway County.

This year we had over $230,000 requested and were able to fund $125,000 worth of grant projects across the County! This amount is up from the only $50,000 that was available in funding last year and $25,000 from the year prior. Congratulations to all who received funding, we all look forward to see your projects come to fruition!

To see how you can apply for a grant for your local park or trail click here.

Grant Awards 2019



Pickaway County Park Director Asks Taxpayers to Take a Hike

Thanks to your support for the Pickaway County Parks Levy, now you can.

I am proud to announce that area State Representatives Gary Scherer and Ron Hood helped us secure a $295,000 Green Space Grant that will allow us to purchase a property outside of Williamsport that will be named Metzger Preserve Park.


Metzger Preserve Park will sit next to Ballard Avenue Park in Williamsport and will feature walking trails, tall grass prairies, canoe, and kayak boat access.

In 2017, Pickaway County voters entrusted the Pickaway County Park District with funding for the first time in our history. That trust is a gift and one we don’t take for granted. That’s why we’re hard at work delivering on our promises.

Plans for 2019 include clearing, building, paving, and enhancing trails so you can take a hike with the family or go for a bike ride on some of the region’s best kept trails.   Also, thanks to the gracious support of the Pickaway County Engineer’s office and an easement with the Jim Cook family, by this summer, paddlers should be able to put their canoes/kayaks in Little Walnut Creek and float to the Scioto River and on down to Circleville.

As promised, we’re also using this funding source to increase our investment in the county’s existing park systems. Ten Pickaway County communities near you have been awarded a total of $125,000 to improve their local parks and trails in 2019.

The Pickaway County Park Board of Commissioners and I understand our responsibility to manage staff, deliver on promises to Pickaway County residents, and help reach our goal of increasing and improving outdoor recreation.

I encourage every Pickaway County resident to check out what our parks have to offer and (once the cold breaks) get outside! You can visit our “new” website to read about all of these projects and more at here .

With strong public and private schools, new job opportunities, increasing recreational options and what will soon be Ohio’s greatest county fairgrounds, Pickaway County will move into the next decade as Central Ohio’s best community to live, work, and play!

Tom Davis is the Director of the Pickaway County Park District and can be reached by phone at 740-420-5451, or via email at [email protected] The Pickaway County Park District Board meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Pickaway County Library and they encourage your participation.