Metzger Preserve


Metzger Preserve is the Park Districts newest park and was purchased in the spring of 2019, doubling the Districts parks! Metzger Preserve is 52 acres and features prairies, woods and access to Deer Creek. It is a great destination for picnicking, hiking, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, as well as those wanting to see a the unique geologically features in Deer Creek called Concretions (or sometimes known as Indian Rocks).  All of which is pet friendly. Currently the prairie portion of the property is under a CRP contract and will not be out of this contract until 2021. Once the prairie is out of this contract we plan to begin cutting the new trails through the prairie like those you see below in the proposed map of Metzger Preserve.


  • Currently the Park has a short trail that loops through the woods between the prairie and Deer Creek. This Trail we call Indian Rock Trail and it is about 0.3 miles one way and is marked on the map below in Blue.
  • There is also a Prairie Loop Trail that takes visitors around to outer edge of the park and the existing Prairie area. This trail is approximately a mile and is the green line on the map below.
  • The Park District will be cutting further trails through the prairie area this winter. Stay tuned to see further improvements at the Preserve.


Map of Metzger Preserve


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