Metzger Preserve


Metzger Preserve is the Park Districts newest park and was purchased in the spring of 2019, doubling the District’s parks! Metzger Preserve is 52 acres and features  pet friendly, prairies, woods and access to Deer Creek. It is a great destination for picnicking, hiking, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, as well as those wanting to see a the unique geologically features in Deer Creek called Concretions (or sometimes known as Indian Rocks). Now this park also features a 0.5 mile StoryWalk Trail where visitors can enjoy a seasonally related children’s books while on their walk! You can learn more about the StoryWalk here.


  • Indian Rock Trail 0.6 mile – wooded along Deercreek
  • Prairie Trail 1 mile – grassed loop trail along outer boundary of the park
  • Pollinator Path 0.2 mile – grassed trail through prairie
  • Bluebird Trail 0.2 mile – grassed trail through prairie along tree line
  • Dragonfly Path 0.2 mile – grassed trail through prairie
  • Cricket Crossing 0.1 mile – grassed trail through prairie
  • Monarch Way 0.1 mile – grassed trail through prairie


Map of Metzger Preserve

Map of Storybook Trail


Want to Learn More about Concretions?

Deer Creek Concretion video

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Owned by Pickaway County Park District
Contact: 17404205451
[email protected]

Location: 300 Ballard Ave.
Williamsport, OH 43164
United States