Big Darby Creek


Big Darby Creek is the only State and National Scenic River in Pickaway County. The total river system is 85.9 miles long and about 24.8 miles of this river is in Pickaway County. Big Darby Creek is an important tributary to the Lower Scioto River. There are over 100 recorded fish and 44 mussel species found in this river and many of these species are either endangered or threatened. To protect our National Scenic River, and to minimize habitat disturbance please do not paddle when flow is below 150 CFS. Please check Here and look for the number after “Discharge, cubic feet per second : Most recent instantaneous value:” before planning a float. Use the links below to plan your next visit!

Prairie Oaks Metro Park (Franklin County)

Scioto Darby Road Access

Be sure to review your paddler safety before you take your trip! Click Here