Metzger Preserve

The District purchase approximately 52 acres south of Ballard Park in Williamsport with the help from a Clean Ohio Grant in 2019.  This new park is Metzger Preserve double the parks that Pickaway County Park Districts owns! This site  preserves and protects unique geological features called concretions that can be found in Deer Creek along the edge of the Metzger Preserve property. There is a wooded trail along Deer Creek and access to the creek for fishing and canoe/kayaking.

The District is also excited to announce that in the Spring of 2021, with the help of Darby Field and Flowers and grant funds from our Clean Ohio Grant, that 3,840 native plants have been planted along newly cut prairie trails. These plantings bring beauty and valuable pollinator habitat to the Preserve. though they are only small plants at the moment, in a few years we expect these pollinator areas will be teaming with color, birds, bees and butterflies! please respect the plantings and always stay on the trails.

With our Grant from Clean Ohio the District has also fenced in the park to protect the area from 4wheeler traffic, and added a new main park sign. Future plans for the park include the addition of new trail navigation signs and a kiosk, coming summer/fall of 2021. The District will also be working to remove invasives in the prairie and woodlands.

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What are Concretions?

Use the links below to read more about these unique geological features call concretions that can be found in Deer Creek at Metzger Preserve.